Looking for Wordpress/BuddyPress/SportsPress template

Hey everyone!

Im looking for a template for my sports league that would allow me and my users to do the following…

sign up/register for a season as a individual or as a team

sign up to the league/site and create a profile that has their info ie email, phone, address etc


I also want to create a database of the players

so players/members can create a Player profile and/or a team profile

As a user/member they can create/update their profile as a player or team

or player profile they can enter the following;

Throwing Arm
Leagues played in
Seasons played in MY league
Seasons Won
Tournaments played in
Tournaments won

As the Admin, i want to be able to validate any of the info stated above and make any necessary changes.

I also want players to be able to create team profiles and if they are the captain they can admin their team profile, and players can add themselves to the team profile etc.

so if any of you know of such a template i would greatly appreciate it

here are some search result which may help.