Help for create an App for videogamer

Hello to all, i need an app (android) for

i’m trying to make an app that allows me to:

  1. get the news of a wordpress site
  2. to be able to use a forum created with invision power board
  3. possibility to manage a championship of a video game
  4. see your profile and your game statistics.

the championship or a cup (Tournament) has these functions, assuming that a player can:

  1. play in a team (example being part of a team 11 vs 11)
  2. be a team (eg 1vs1)

the functions of the part relating to the video game, has these functions:

Creation of the team with the inclusion of the players who are part of the team.
creation of the season (2018-2019 etc.)
creation of the league (Serie A - Serie B etc.)
inclusion of the participating teams
creation of the calendar and the games to play
management of players’ statistics (yellow cards, red cards, injuries, goals, assists, goals conceded, man of the match)
inserting match results and player statistics
statistics related to the team and ranking (games won, lost, tied, goal difference, round-trip statistics, team history)

for the gamer profile
player’s card (name surname nickname, card n (it’s the membership card) social profiles
game statistics (games played, games won, games lost, matches drawn)

can someone help me? contact me via email at nikeddy at gmail dot com

thank you.