Sport Them gone?

My website is not working! I cannot update widgets or access my media files.

I have paid for the Sport theme. It does not look like it has updated for a while and I have installed all WP updates.

What to do?

What’s the item link? When did you buy it?

Here is my license (attached)

I have emailed support and gotten no reply. Theme Canon site still shows Sport but Envato says not available to download.

(Attachment 41049450-sport-wordpress-club-theme-license.txt is missing)


here you can read all about the situation when an item has been removed and is no longer available:

It might be temporarily disabled and worth contacting the author to ask.

If you purchased the theme in the last 6 months then you may be entitled to a refund, however as per the link shared above by @kriszta, outside of that period authors do have the right to remove items as they wish

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I have sent several messages to the author (Theme Cannon) and I do not get a reply. How can I find out if they are no longer in business or just not responsive?

If they are not replying then unfortunately there is not really anthing else that can be done. Envato do not own the files for sale so they would not be able to shed much further light either