Got Removed our Most Popular Photography WordPress Theme WITHOUT Any notice.

Hello Guys,
I would like to share with you my latest experience with Envato and ThemeForest.

1 Week Ago - one of our themes just disappeared, without any notice from Themeforest.
At first we thought that accidentally somebody from our team removed or … we got hacked… as was removed the top Theme.

So, we sent a Ticket to Envato… and of course 3-4 days with no answer … and after that got 1st answer:

The ticket was reassigned to somebody…
Today I got an email, that our theme got removed because of some “Copyright issue” but they don’t have any information why so…

And that’s all…
Now we’ve about 800 customers - and lot of them send to us an email that why we’ve removed our theme?

It’s posibble you used copyrighted photos and somebody complained to Envato.

Most likely someone sent a DMCA to have your theme taken down. Although, you should be informed about this. Have you checked your spam folder? You should’ve received an e-mail regarding the take down of your item.

We figured out, yes was because one of the images that we’ve used in our demo. I’ve checked multiple times and we didn’t received any emails.


commiserations… I’ve had loads of items in my purchase list disappear… company policy it seems. It’s a pain and although they state it upfront, I think the very least they could do is warn people that the product is being discontinued. In your case particularly annoying when the part in question could be swapped if requested. Some kind of review process too would make sense, at least to check if the copyright issue has any merits.