Speed Paint AE Template


Hello everyone,

Hope you all are having a rocking weekend.

I’m currently looking forward for an AE project which speed paints logo images or names.

I’m in no way associated with the link being provided in here which is being used only as a reference

Any suggestions/source website where i could buy this project is highly appreciated.

Ran a search through the videohive search tab but no avail , no results were close to what i was searching for !

Thanks in advance!


I don’t think it’s possible to make a template for that kind of thing. I’m sure a very rough approximation could be done, but it would look pretty terrible. And unless the buyer of the template is expected to do a considerable amount of work to customise it… then there’s going to have to be some pretty advanced scripting to link an auto traced logo to the location of the brush etc.


Hi I think I can do it, but only the first one in the preview, not the second one, if you are interested contact me via my profile page, thanks :slight_smile: