Ultra fast Glitch Logo animation

Hi guys! this is my new ae template in quee( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BL6_9P65ho&feature=youtu.be ) . After several years I think to join videohive again, and I tried to create ae project again for vh. Now I’m waiting for review. Honestly I can’t wait too much, my heart will burn until they get some review results about my ae project :smiley: so, what do you think about it guys? does it can be accepted by videohive?
p.s I also created some sfx and included to ae project. any chance?

Hey there
I am afraid to say this is very basic logo animation and I don’t think it has any change for approval at current time where the quality standards are very high and there are lots of glitch logos.

oh :frowning: but what is quality standarts of videohive? how to know it?

You can check these items they are newest glitch logo which are approved

I tried to create and upload after effects projects to videohive a thousand times. And It’s never confirmed. Also in this project too, used several layers to achieve final composition. When I upload project and get rejected, envate just says me via email, about it’s not meet “quality standarts” , but what mean about quality standarts, I’m really going to confusing.
hope this time envato reviewers will not think like you about quality standarts bro, thanks a lot for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Salam qaqa sebrli ol inwallah yaxwi olar