Sort envato elements video tamplates by length

I want to create a 3+ minutes memory video slideshow from the tamplates
Is there an option to sort the tamplates by length?

The TO asks about elements, not videohive.

I don’t think there is a way to do it on elements. This should be added. @jamesgiroux can you forward this to the right person?

What you can do, is look for it on videohive and then see if that item is on elements as well. Cumbersome, though.


Oh. This thread is in the wrong category (in “Videohive” and not “Element”).
I missed the title.
Or is the “Elements” category for authors only?

I guess TO is not an elements author, so he cannot post in the elements subforum (or even see it).
This should belong into elements customers subforum, though.

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