Song tracking tools

Hello, I’m Aaron. I’m a new contributor to AudioJungle. I’ve uploaded a couple of songs so far. I was using a spreadsheet to track info about songs and sites I’ve uploaded them to, but it is too cumbersome. So I thought, I’ve hot some coding chops I’ll build a web app to track everything. So I through together a MySQL DB with some tables for some of the data I know I want to track. I captured a lot of good data, but i think i may be missing some or could have missed a key attribute.

My question to you fellow authors is what would you want to track?

This is what the song table tracks so far:
Song name (what i call it)
Sing Site Name (what it’s called on the site(s) i uploaded it to
Song Description
Song Tempo
Song Keywords
Song Mood

I also have a table for tracking sites i upload to and sales data.

Looking forward to reading your ideas.