Looking for authors for my affiliate program

I’m building a new website and I will run big audiojungle affiliate program there. I want to create selection of high quality tracks across all genres and from many authors so I can offer my customers quick way to find the best tracks from audiojungle on one place. Content will be uploaded and updated weekly and subscribers will be notified via e-mail about audiojungle news and new tracks. I will also guide them if they want and find tracks for their projects. Website will be finished this month, so I plan to start in a few weeks.

Audiojungle authors, if you want to be part of this and have your music shown on site, please let me know. To make things more practical and easier for me to follow I will choose couple of authors for now and upload 10-20 tracks from each. (when user clicks BUY on your track it will take them to your page of that item on audiojungle. )

SO: I need authors that have some high quality portfolio. Mostly epic/cinematic ,rock,ukulele, acoustic, electronica/dubstep/glitch, happy and upbeat, future bass/edm tracks, but other styles are also welcome.
Please let me know if you want to be part of this. Some amazing authors like @AurusAudio , @KickTracks , @WolfSound , @OlexandrIgnatov , @JonnyMakesJazz , @Hyperprod and others already participate.
Non-audiojungle authors, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter if you need great music for your projects . :slight_smile:

Link to the website:

And link where you can see ALL MUSIC uploaded so far (could take a few seconds to load :wink: )


Hi WaveToys,

Great to meet you and thanks for sharing!! Sounds like a great project :+1:

I’m very new to AudioJungle and currently just have one track accepted:

However, I am hoping to build my catalogue over the next few months (hoping that the review process will speed up :stuck_out_tongue: ). I will be uploading a variety of styles ranging from corporate to classical to pop/electro.

Thanks for the consideration!


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I have primarily indie rock and corporate tracks, I would love to participate! Let me know! Here is my latest track that is selling ok for being new!

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Hi Waves Toys

some examples of my Trailer Cinematic tracks:
Epic Cinematic Trailer Intro Ident
Epic Cinematic Trailer

Some examples of my Happy, Positive and Fun Tracks:
Swing Jazz Upbeat & Fun

Have a nice day!

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Great project @WaveToys! Here are some examples of my portfolio tracks. Thanks for listening!

Epic Adventure
Transformer Trailer
Cinematic Action Epic

Here are some more recent pop/electronic tracks:
Ambient Seductive Chill
Trip Hop Pop
Futuristic Space Travel

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Hello Wave Toys,
Please check my best tracks.

I ll be proud to contribute.
Thanks for listening!



This is my piano track

Hey, check my portfolio, may be you’ll find something interesting for our project

Hi @WaveToys we would be very happy to be part of your portfolio with our tracks! :slight_smile:


Hey There @WaveToys,

I’d also be happy to contribute.
Based on your genre listing I mostly recommend my rock tracks:
But fell free to browse my entire portfolio:



Hey friends,
Just to let you know I’m watching. Some of you wrote here, some in private messages,and many of you to my e-mail, so there is a lot of you already. :slight_smile:
I’ll look at your music this week and let you know if I put something on the website. If I don’t please understand that this does not represent statement about quality of your music, I just want to have balanced collection of music genre-wise and pick authors who produce styles that lack on website for now.

Thanks a lot,
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi, mate! Great idea and opportunity. Here is 3 tracks of mine; future bass, deep house and epic orchestral:

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Thanks @WaveToys :slight_smile:

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Great idea! I don’t specifically write in a genre and have a bit of different things if you want to check it out. Cheers!!

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