Other than yourself, which AJ artists have musically most valuable, high quality and diverse portfolios (ignore the commercial value)



In other words, if the only place where you could listen to music was AudioJungle, which artists would you listen to?

I’d like to go to my follow feed and be able to listen to good music. Let my ears relax by not hearing the corporate palm muted guitar or a ukulele with whistling. Of course I understand the importance of the tracks in this genres and I have nothing against the artists who create this stuff (my almost non-existent portfolio also has these), but from time to time I’d like to remind myself why I’m trying to get in this business and quit my full time job eventually by finding valuable music on AJ.


There was an old topic similar to this Promote someone on AJ. Ready... Go! But there is a subtle difference in yours. Anyway it’s cool idea so I would suggest my favourite ones to listen to:


Very interesting choices, thank you. Followed both of them, well all three of you, to be honest.


@Octopusic is right, you can find great authors in this cool thread Promote someone on AJ. Ready... Go!

Nevertheless, I will share you some of my favorite authors, I am sure I am forgetting some :stuck_out_tongue:



A great guitar player.


Always liked the work of BlueFoxMusic


From day 1, I have admired and enjoyed the work of these guys:


Cool thread! I’d have to say @Adigold and @Aquavitae. Two of my favs. =)


For me one of the most amazing Aj composer is Blacksmith https://videohive.net/user/blacksmith
His portfolio is something that i really like to listen.