Some portfolios, in my opinion, to be considered.

There are a lot of good, and almost perfect, portfolios.
but i would like to show some of them, which i like them in particularity.
I think they deserve a little bit more.

And don´t forget the cold beer in summer.


A little bit more… what?


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Seems fair.


They are quite good, but most of them are already level 5 or 6… so things are not too bad for them I guess… :slight_smile:

You forgot this one:

Mmmmm. I apologize because i forgot you. Sorry.
Your last ambient pack is really nice.

PD; I don´t deserve my portfolio included in this post. Honestly.

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agreed @ShymonMusic I never stumbled accross your music because I have been more listening to hiphop or metal recently… but you have some great ambient stuff here!

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And this one: :sparkles:


Haha, curious thread, but thank you for the word out! If it can bring a few cold beers my way, summer will be ok.:sunglasses::beers:

Beer on the house!!!