Tracking a song sold on AudioJungle, without registering.

Hello !

So far, my songs are not Recorded.
I would like to know the projects where my songs Appear. How can I know?
In the text of each song I ask for this information, but so far, I have 20 sales and no one has told me anything.

You can register your songs on AdRev and track them on Youtube. Also if you check your statements you can see who is licensing them, then do a web search to see if you can find them. Even then you may not be able to find out where they are being used. Some people use them for in house corporate productions that may not ever appear online. I hope this helps.

Hi BisonTracks !

It has helped me.
Thank you very much

@BisonTracks had good tips.

Unfortunately, much of the time you simply won’t know how your music is being used. You can always see who buys it, but unless they post it online in a searchable way, you likely won’t ever see where it ended up.

But, it’s still awesome to know your music is being used all over… and that one day, it may just pop right in front of you in a place you never would have expected!

We’ve been on Facebook and had our songs pop in front of us on an unexpected viral Facebook video a few times now… That’s always fun. :slight_smile: