Constructing a song library / project management?

Hey guys,

I’m a developer and a musician/songwriter. I’m working with a few different musician collaborators on various projects.

What I would like to do is have a private area on a website where I can log in, give user access to my various collab partners, where we can review our different music projects.

So, say I’m working with John on 10 songs. John and I can log in and see those, click on one, see all the various recordings we’ve done in the process of song creation (hosted on google drive or wherever else), be able to open documentation like chord sheets, lyric sheets, etc. and have general data for each song listed there on the song page. (Key, tempo, contributors, who owns the rights, date written etc etc)

Right now I am just using a Google Sheet to accomplish this, and it works… “ok.” But I’d like to put together something a little more visually appealing and more intuitive for my less-computer-literate friends.

Building this from scratch would take some time, so I’m really looking for some php script package that does most of this. (but also, this is just for internal quality of life so budget is low!)

Codecanyon has 1000s of scripts that might work… BUT I’m not sure what I should be looking at.

Project management? Some kind of links directory? There are also many sound sharing scripts, but that’s not exactly what I’m after at the moment… more just an organizational/info platform.

I’m curious if anyone has ideas on how to approach this, or if you know of a specific package that might work with some tweaking?

Thanks for any help!