Song data modification after upload on AJ


Can I modify my uploaded and accepted songs after the upload? I’m askin because I’d like to upload songs, but at this moment I don’t have my IPI number from my PRO, yet. Can I add it later on? Can I modify the uploaded ZIP as well? Because I’d like to include a txt file with my PRO datas as well later.

Thanks for any answers!

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Usually, you can modify/edit your zip and preview files if needed and also include txt files as well.

but not delete and then download again , as the tracks already in the system and it will be followed by a ban , keep in mind :wink:

You can edit the item details page anytime. Just include your IPI number next to your “Composer” name and “Publisher” name if applicable. You can also submit an updated zip file for quick review (no review done if you’re elite). Be sure and state why you are resubmitting the zip file etc.

Thanks for the answers guys! :slight_smile: