Uploading Music to AudioJungle

Hello! I have read some great reviews about selling music on AudioJungle. I am brand new to the site and could use some info on uploading my songs. I have watched a few videos and read through some help sections but seem to be getting no where. Is it difficult to upload music to AudioJungle or am I just over thinking it?

It’s not difficult to upload your music. It’s difficult your music to be approved…
Anyway hope your music is reaching audiojungle standards and wishing you a good start.

I appreciate it :+1:t2:


In my opinion the AJ upload system is one of the most clunky systems especially in comparison to many other stock music places where you just upload wav files and setup info. The difference is not big, but it is enough to feel messy. Main reason is that instead of being automatic, you have to create the preview file manually yourself (which I really don’t understand because it would be trivial for the backend to generate). Also there is no way to generate music packs, you have to create them manually as well (which would also be trivial to do at backend side of things).

Anyways - you need to wrap your tune inside a zip file that contains all the versions of the file you are going to sell, mainly mp3 and wav versions or just wav. If you have different lengths for the tune, you have include all these files in the zip and make sure you insert the right lengths for the files in the info fields.

After you have created the zip you also have to generate a preview mp3 file that has all of the different versions one after the other mixed with the AJ watermark audio that repeats every 10 seconds. Make sure you write up the order of the versions so that you can write in the description at which point of the preview files the different versions begin, for example:

Short version 00:49 (starts at 00:00)
Long versions 01:52 (starts at 00:49)
Without drums version short 00:49 (starts at 02:41) and so on…

Then you are ready to upload the zip file and the preview mp3 either from the upload form or via ftp.

After this it’s more straight forward, just write the description, pick the right options for the tune (genre, bpm, tags) and you should be ready to submit the upload form.

After this it’s just the matter of waiting for approval or rejection.

Good luck!


Thank you very much! That puts the process in a better perspective for me .
Does seem like an in depth process compared to other places I’ve researched. But I am new to all of this so it is to be expected.