Getting our PRO data to the buyers

since AJ allowed PRO, i’ve been registering my tracks with my PRO and entering my IPI number along with ‘composer name’ when uploading.

But I’m wondering how likely it is that the buyer will enter our info on a cue sheet.

I can see that my IPI number down the right hand side of the track page, but would the buyer come back and find the page when filling in the cue sheet? Is our info given to the buyer in any way when they download the track, or do they just get the zip we created with the audio files in it?

Would it be possible to include a pdf in the zip which contains our PRO details, including tunecode? (currently there is nowhere to enter the tunecode).

I’ve also heard about adding metadata to tracks, although I’m not up to speed on that - I’ve seen how people can do it with mp3s on itunes, but can this be done with wavs?

If anyone has any thoughts or info, it would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I think you can add txt or pdf file to main file (zip). It should pass review process. I’m not doing this often, but maybe it’s time to start this.

I include a “readme” Word file in every ZIP. I use that to briefly explain the PRO and respectfully request that they fill out a Cue Sheet when using the track for broadcasting etc. I also list my IPI numbers. Note, I’ve been told by Envato the added file can only be WORD or PDF. I have no idea if anyone ever opens the readme file. I can only hope :slight_smile:

And did you get any cash from this? :slight_smile:

Not yet. It can take up to a year for residuals to start trickling in. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’ll start adding a pdf to the zip. I don’t like the idea of reuploading the files for my old tracks though! :grimacing:

Who knows if any of us will get royalties from AJ sales. I have seen a few of my tracks show up on tunesat, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Here’s a thought regarding old tracks. You could wait for a Broadcast License purchase of a given track and then register that track with the PRO. The royalty payments are delayed relative to the Cue Sheet submission, so you have some time to register it. Just a tactic to avoid massive registering backlog. :slight_smile:

p.s. Now that I think about it, this does not help you to proactively give the IPI in the PDF. I suppose I should say never mind at this point :wink: