How do PROs work?

Hi everyone, I am new here and still trying to figure some stuff out. Can anyone please tell me how registering a track with my PRO (PRS) is related to AJ?
When I upload a track to AJ, it does not ask me to type in the tune code or something. How does PRS know that a track used at a youtube video is that specific PRO registered track of mine?
Ok may be It is not very important, if it’s used online. But let’s assume that the track goes to TV. Producers fill in the cue sheet, but still they won’t know the tunecode. They don’t even have my CAE/IPI (It is not mentioned on the AJ license certificate). So even if they want to re-register the track, they don’t have the details of mine.

I am so confused about how it works and why is it important to register the tracks with PRO before uploading to AJ.

Any comments will illuminate me and will be much appreciated.


firstly, i’m no expert, but…
I have started adding a pdf into the zip of the main files, which tells the buyer to fill in the appropriate cue sheet if used in tv broadcast, i also give my cae number.

I don’t add the tunecode as i don’t usually register the tune with the pro until someone has bought a broadcast license. It might be a good idea to register it before uploading to AJ, to get a tunecode. So far I haven’t received any royalties from my AJ tunes, but here’s hopin’


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Hi There.

All I’ve done so far is put my CAE number next to my name in the “Composer” box. (Check any track in my portfolio) And I’ve registered all of my tracks with the PRS. I did get some royalties from CNN through the PRS for one of them. Whoever bought the track must have seen that I am affiliated with the PRS and filled in the right info…not sure though,

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Many authors seem to do as @GavinJack has done and have added their CAE/IPI in the composer field.

Putting these PRO info in a pdf as @JonnyMakesJazz is a great idea, it should be the norm.

Thanks for all of your replies. Adding CAE number into the ‘composer’ box, including a PDF with all PRO info in the main zip file and registering each track with PRS…all great tips! Thanks very much!