Something wrong with the search?

Could anyone check this out? Go to Music -> Cinematic for example. Now remember the tracks you’ll see on Page 1. Then click on page 2 and after on Page 1 again (do not use the Back button). You should see completely different list of tracks. Is it only happening by my side?


Checked it on the mobile page with “cinematic”. Still the same order like before for me when I go back.

Did you clicked on the page number link or used the “back” button?

It’s a long time ago (3 months ago)

The search yields results, as he sees fit :slight_smile:

Okay then :slight_smile: i just did not used it recently…

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This is either his problem that has not been fixed so far, or so conceived :slight_smile: Note that he produces the same results (the same tracks) if flipping forward (on some pages)

Used the “back” button

On average (as I calculated): for example, if you go to page 4 and then to page 5 then some tracks are duplicated on page 5, and if you go from page 5 to page 4, then the missing tracks appear …( Approximately my calculations ), one of the 10 pages (if you go forward through the pages forward and also backward) drops out. and if you go back, then the page drops out page 3.