Bug in the search engine

Hello everyone,

I found a bug in the search engine that might be disadvantage for most authors because there is duplicated tracks caused possibly by search engine.

Fellows try this:

Make a new search on AJ by typing ROCK in the search then filter by “In the last day” and filter by “Best match”. You will end up with 2 pages with about 59 tracks.
Ok thats all correct

Now try change only from “Best match” to “Newest items” and you end up getting 3 pages instead of 2 and 62 tracks instead of 59.

Those 3 tracks in diference are duplicated tracks.

Edit: I opened a ticket to Envato to report this issue.

I tried it but I don’t get the bug; still 2 pages of 59 items. On Safari

Edit; tried Chrome and Firefox, no bugs

I’m using Firefox btw
But I just test with chrome and get the same bug.

Look this sreenshots

Just as I’m getting this bug, some buyers are also likely to be getting the same.

I tried it, no problem here… I have even the feeling the header, where it says number of tracks, does not refresh, only the lower part refreshes, which seems logical

Does anyone experience the same as me? thats wierd if it is just me :sweat_smile:

It’s most likely a caching issue. Not an actual bug.

Yes it could be the case I guess.