Wrong preview track uploaded.

Hey all

Just recently uploaded a track that was soft rejected due to the zip being corrupted (yeah,used 7zip mistakenly), so nothing big of an issue. Resubmitted it, got approved and everything was fixed but I noticed that I selected the wrong preview track accidentally cause I had a similarly named track that was in the folder when I was selecting files to upload.
Anyway, issue being now is that I edited the item, uploaded the right preview track and in items history “Automatic update” section with the changes being made was listed but the preview track of an item is still the old wrong one.

Do I have to wait some time for that automatic update to take effect or Im something missing here?

Thanks in advance.

It usually takes some minutes.

Well, I did that yesterday right after I resubmitted it and still no changes to the preview track. The wrong one still plays back at the moment.
Should I attempt the changes once more?