"Someone recently bought this item" popup for Woocommerce

I’m looking for a plugin that will do what I’m about to explain… I’ve recently seen a popup on the bottom of some newer eCommerce sites that tell me (the customer) “Someone in (city) recently bought (this product).” It keeps popping up and going away with a new item and customer nearly every 5 seconds. It shows me a snippet of the item description and a picture of the product the customer bought. If I click on it, it takes me to the product they bought. I really like this because it shows me that the site getting traffic and people are buying products. I would like to find a plugin that will do something similar to this for WooCommerce. Does anyone know of one that exists?


I’ve seen this recently on http://www.ohmagosh.com/ and wanted the same thing. Have you made any progress?

I haven’t been able to find anything. I know that Shopify has it available but I want it for Wordpress/WooCommerce. Someone could do really well if they made this into a plugin and sold it.

I’m looking for this too; i want a popup where my customers can see what other customers recently bought.
Any Solutions?

You can purchase the plugin here.

But I have emailed you guys many times and I didn’t get any reply.

Here are a few more options for a Woocommerce live sales notification pop up or recently purchased display area:


This one does the job - WooCommerce Recently Purchased Products

WooCommerce Recently Purchased Products plugin allows you to display the recently purchased products on anywhere of your site, with widget and shortcodes. you can also limit the No. of products to be shown, on front end.

Products Thumbnail, Date, Title options.
Widget Ready and Shortcode Option.
No.of Products to show Option.
List Products From, Complete, Processing ,on-hold Order status, Or All Status.
Translation Ready.
Cross Browser compatible.