Can Someone Please Make This Woocommerce Plugin!? :-)

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this type of plugin for woocommerce and I cant find this anywhere? So I would like to know if anyone can make this (I am sure it would sell very well!) Or if you already know someone that has made these plugins for WordPress / Woocommerce then please let me know the link to find them :slight_smile:

Okay so I am wanting to have a scarcity plugin that will basically work exactly like this page: with the countdown timer to when the sale will end on that specific product (but is evergreen and will start at a predetermined time for every user that visits the page but will cookie them so if they come back the timer will continue to have kept going down from the original time they came to visit the site but will also reset its self when it gets down to zero to look like we have extended the sale again for that person if they don’t come back until say 3 days later and the timer showed that it was ending in 1 day or something) AND the inventory bar that keeps going down to look like sales are actually happening and to make a customer feel like they need to hurry up and buy them before they run out :wink: BUT I don’t actually want it to tie to my actual inventory because I can get an unlimited supply of any products that I am selling :slight_smile:

Plus I would also love if it could do the same thing as this plugin as well but for WordPress obviously: to make is look like multiple people are coming to that product page on our website too :wink:

Let me know if anyone here would be willing to make those?

Thanks again,

Thomas Strunk
904-200-1995 (my cell number)

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And finally a woocommerce plugin that has the same features as this one too: to look like there are active orders happening on our website from other customers that will show up even if there are not any orders actually happening :wink:


Thomas Strunk

You can find many developers here to code what you need but the main question is if you’re willing to pay some money instead of 15-20$?

Hi ki_themes yes I would be willing to :slight_smile:

May I ask the budget?

Honestly I haven’t thought about a budget right now? I was more so wanting to know if someone would be willing to build this to sell it on envato… because I am sure that I am not the only person that would find these features useful :wink: but I guess if I have to be the one to pay for it then I would be open to getting quotes on building these and working something out :slight_smile:

You may think it’s a good idea but WooCommerce has a big team. If they didn’t code and sell it as a plug-in, it’d be risky.No offense but just because of you need, it doesn’t mean the plug-in would sell enough.

Hi Thomas,

Can you contact me on, we’ll see if this can be worked out.

Well I would just think that just about anyone selling items online would want to increase the conversion rate and to increase their profits and ROI on their website but maybe that is only me I guess lol :wink: Just because the good people over at woocommerce hasn’t created it yet does not mean that it wont sell? I am basing this thought on the sales from the woocommerce plugins that have sold here:✓&term=&referrer=search&view=list&sort=sales&date=&category=wordpress%2Fecommerce%2Fwoocommerce&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&rating_min=

Anyways all of that being said… I am still willing to pay for them to be made for me anyways and I guess I will list them for sale on here and see if I can make some extra money from selling them as well since no one else wants to :wink:

If anyone reading this has the skills to build these plugins please contact me ASAP and lets make it happen since it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere yet?

And just to reiterate YES I HAVE MONEY AND I AM WILLING TO PAY for them to be made, encase that wasn’t clear from any of my comments before :wink: Also please let me know how much you will need to get them built along with how long it will take you?

Have you take a look at this WooCommerce Sales Countdown

Hi ThimPress :slight_smile: I have not seen that one yet, it looks like the live demo is not showing any of the countdowns? But I did watch the video demonstration and it does look like it is almost there! I am not sure from the video but is the countdown timer evergreen? And instead of it showing the sales number going up I would like it to go down looking like we are running out but not actually being tied to our actual sales or inventory just going down on its own every few seconds or so and the “inventory bar” would need to be evergreen as well. Would you be able to make it work like this?

Okay cool I will send you an email in just a minute :slight_smile:

Please try again:

Hi all, I’ve changed the Title of this thread from PLEASE to what it is now.

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Hopes this helps.



Plz contact me.
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Did anyone make this? I have been looking for a similar plugin for months, I even bought the thimpress plugin and it is not evergreen

Hi @celenco do checkout .Our deal expiry trigger lets you show a countdown.On top of it we have a helper plugin ( available privately to buyers) , which lets you automatically restart the deals after x number of days so deals continue to run. If you have any further questions , please email me at . I will be happy to help. Thanks Daman Jeet