Looking for a "Recent Sales POP-Up" for non-WP/Presta etc

Hi there,

I’m looking for a “Recent Sales” Pop-up but works for standard HTML/PHP website (so no WP/Presta/WooCommerce etc). Something like:

We use WordPress but the output needs to be on a non-WP site. As there is no integration I’m looking for a way to manually input the Sales at the end of every day. Maybe insert some dummy orders if it’s been a slow day. Does anyone know of a script that can do that job?


Hmmm, the only thing I can find in PHP scripts are pop-up forms… There are so many eCommerce notification plugins available on WordPress, as you’ve noted.

@baileyherbert, any ideas?

I asked one developer with a WP plugin if they could modify it for non-WP but he said he couldn’t do it. Hoping there’s something out there.