Some help with music for slide show

Hi guys and gals. My family put me up to the task of putting together the slide show for my wifes 50th birthday party. I have a million pictures, I’ll put it all together in FCP X, but I am struggling for tunes. I need some suggestions for baby picture music that will make people go “Awwww!!” and other tunes for her awkward teenage years, wedding music etc.

They think this can be done in a couple hours. I’m flattered that they think I can pull that off, but … I could use some help! Any Audiojungle tunes you can recommend for me would be great!

Thank you so much!

I’m off to edit pictures!

Hi there!
artsygoat here!
I wish a happy birthday to your wife!
I can suggest you a few items from my portfolio!
Here are some baby, happy, nostalgic and sweet tracks :slight_smile:

And some romantic, wedding and emotional tracks:

I am sure that you will find what are you looking for, there are plenty of talented authors here! :smiley:
Good luck! It will be definitely a great slide-show :slight_smile:

Try this couple of tracks:

Orchestral Inspirational:

Romantic mood:

Happy mood:
More faster rythm

Hope you’ll find what you need:)

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Hi @Buffalobwana :v: try it, maybe sum my music help you :wink:
Baby music

Fun moments

bright moments

Great tracks. Thanks guys. I made a couple choices and the video is almost done. Thanks!

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