Looking for a music called Emotional Vintagenote

I am looking for a music called “emotional vintagenote”. My company wants to use it for commerical use. However, there is no site selling it. I heard it is orginally sold on this site. I hope someone can help. Thanks.

Hi @iambigbaby , I’ve located the music for you. This is the preview, right?


If so, there is a minor problem with the author’s account that only the author can fix. I’ll have a word with the author and the AudioJungle team to see if they can help speed along the issue so the item can come back on sale again. The link to the item you will eventually need (when it becomes available again) is below:

Hope this helps for now, good luck with your project!

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Thank you @scottwills. I hope the sale is fixed as soon as possible.
I really appreciate your help!

Best Regards