Some client wrote me about my project, had a big surprise

So i recieved an email today from somebody telling me he has some problems with a project of mine, that some things don’t work, so i asked him to send me the project to check it out. He could easly send me the .aep file but instead he chose to send me the full project in an archive. after extrating the project, ive seen some files that weren’t mine: a help file.pdf, a readme.txt and a “i wont write the name of the site”.com.

Looks like my “client” actually pirated my project from a site and he asks me for help. That’s a little ironic.

If you don’t have the chance to check manually under the statement list (via the email or name of the client).
A good solution I recommend you to do is to ask for the invoice + number either screenshot or copy past from his/her email or panel inside Envato.

If they can’t provide it… you’ll know the answer.
I hope this tip helps. :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip, but it’s pretty obvious :))
Even the folder has a number at the end that matches the project on the pirate site.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
It is pretty obvious in this case you’ve describe. but I had this experience for many times… Envato pirates are expanding consider the many times I experience rude people to ask for support they didn’t even purchase legally.

My tip should help you for the next client, even if it is a legal purchase they shouldn’t have a problem attach their invoice as a prove.

  • Sorry about my bad English.

yes, from now on i will ask for proof, seems fair. it’s my first pirated project so ive learned my lesson

hi normally y are suppose to be able to check if the guy contacts u through your profile page, this is how we can wander if this is really good to put contact information in the help file …