About annoying client sharing source code

Hello there.

A customer bought a software I had written. Within 15 minutes he immediately started to complaints. He/she claims that the documentation is not available, which is actually provided. Before that, 21 people bought it. I helped many of them.

Still, I could refund the money.

But she/he shared my source code in the comment area.

Speaks slang, irreverent, patronizing on me and terrorizes the comments area of the product.

This is a first for me. What should I do?

Hello there,

Once in a while someone like that will arrive - it’s not your 1st not your last.
You’ll have to deal with him.

If you think there’s a reason of TOS breaking - you can report to envato author help centre by opening a ticket and they’ll take measures.

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I did that already. Thank you for your support.

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You’re welcome!