Soft Rejection! Need help urgently

Can’t understand what needs to be done to fix this.

  1. Please make sure all default Theme Unit Test content is styled and formatted properly.
    example(s) and there are more:

Please import the Theme Unit Test [] file and make sure that:

  • All default content is formatted properly.
  • Posts display correctly, with no apparent visual problems or errors.
  • Posts display in correct order.
  • Page navigation displays and works correctly.
  • As “sticky posts” are a core feature, the theme should style and display them appropriately.
  • Lack of body text should not adversely impact the layout.
  • Theme must incorporate both the “Tag” and the “Category” taxonomies in some manner.
  • Floats are cleared properly for floated element (thumbnail image) at the end of the post content.

I guess the feedback itself is clear on what you need to do.

  1. Install your theme in a fresh WordPress installation
  2. Import theme unit test data
  3. Go through all the points that is listed in your feedback from reviewer and make sure all elements are styled properly.