Our UNIT Test result so difference with Reviewer's report, Please Advice

Hi All,
Today, we got soft reject on my item like this:

  1. Again. Themes will be tested against the WordPress Unit Test data [Theme Unit Test « WordPress Codex] to ensure that all necessary components are styled properly.
  • Posts must be displayed correctly with no apparent visual problems
  • All expected components, such as title, body, comments, comment form, post meta, etc must be rendered correctly.
  • Posts must be displayed in the correct order.
  • Page navigation must work correctly.
  • The search results page must work properly, with results displayed appropriately. If there are no results the user must be informed of this.
  • “Sticky posts” must be styled and displayed appropriately.
  • The “Read More” link must work properly (linking to the “” tag location).
  • If the theme supports post formats, each type must be displayed appropriately in index/archive views.
  • Lack of content, such as body text, must not adversely impact the layout.
  • Themes must include both the “Tag” and the “Category” taxonomies in some manner.
  • Floats must be cleared properly for floated element (ie. thumbnail images).
  • Content overflow issues must be addressed. For example, a title with a long non-breaking string must not break the layout.

Example(s): Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 14.37.05.png - Droplr and more.

We’ve re do Unit Test few times again for this case but till get it work. And here our result on UNIT Test for post’s image align:

Also, the Reviewer report us 2 times on this case. So please advice.

(Removed by mod: Don’t call out staff!)
We will do UT again on my item before we do resubmit for review. So, please give us more detail on this case: Post image align issue…

Thanks in Advances