Soft Reject Feedback Please help


I got lot of feedback from the reviewer and i solved them but i don’t understand this point please help me with this

Default content does not display on home page -
How to test the blog/posts layout/functionality -
Import the Theme Unit Test [] file and make sure that:

  • Posts display correctly, with no apparent visual problems or errors.
  • Posts display in correct order.
  • Page navigation displays and works correctly.
  • As “sticky posts” are a core feature, the theme should style and display them appropriately.
  • Lack of body text should not adversely impact the layout.
  • Theme must incorporate both the “Tag” and the “Category” taxonomies in some manner.
  • Floats are cleared properly for floated element (thumbnail image) at the end of the post content.

Reference link:

I think what reviewer mean is that by default, index.php is not displaying posts.