Soft rejection - I'm not sure what to do.


I got a soft reject. I understand all points except one.

Default install looks incomplete:

What does the reviewer mean? Is it graphically incomplete? If so, I do not know what to do, it is known that every page without content and plugins looks empty ( demo is here ). Or maybe the reviewer means something else?

Best regards and thanks for advices!

Maybe I am wrong, but how I see this - you have there some grey background (where post featured image should be) with class “blog-page-posts__img-container”. If the post does not have a featured image, there should not be that grey background - just “text box” for post (title, text, etc…)

Hmm … I don’t think, every post has such a fallback, thanks to this the layout is symmetrical regardless of whether it has a photo, but of course you may be right and that is what it is about. I will gladly wait for other opinions. Thanks!

Hello, the process is ongoing. I have a request for you, could you check if it works for you? Problem presented by the reviewer:

Menus still go off screen:

Unfortunately, after my corrections in the reviewer’s environment there is still an error, but I can not reproduce it at home. I checked on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge. Could you see if the menu is displaying well in your browser and if not, which browser are you using?

Testing website:

Thank you very much!

I am asking for help again. I don’t understand what to do. I have corrected what is needed and yet it is still the same mistake, so I just don’t understand what’s going on.

  1. AGAIN: Vertical images should display as such:

So how should vertical images be displayed? They are displayed vertically. I do not understand. Please help, thank you.

I think the the image ratio is the issue, that should be a vertical image instead is looking more like a portrait image, add there instead of vertical featured image , just featured image or make the image vertical (portrait format).

Good luck.

Thank you. So if I understand correctly, it is probably about me not cutting this photo in any way but just leaving it as it is in its original form?

Yes keep the image ratio and you should be fine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Usually, they move the Level 1 menu item (the one with children) at the end of your menu. This is how you reproduce that visual problem.

Thank you for your help, approved :slight_smile:

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