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My new Theme URL:

Got soft rejection have fixed all issues but following is not making any sense to me.

  1. Vertical image display issue:

There is no option in wordpress For vertical featured image, my align left, align right and center is working fine and images width in posts are adjustable as well.

Thanks in Advance for any feedback and help!

You need to import theme unit test file ->

Thank you !

The issue is featured images for blog are being added

add_image_size(‘wc_blog_image’, 870, 350, true);

So when image is greater than this width and height, everything stay fine.

but when width is less than 870 of uploaded photo, wordpress crop its height to make it equal to 350, but do not do anything with width, and CSS strech image to 100% which increase height propotionlly as well. This way image look very large.

If i disable Crop , then wordpress produce different size of images for each post. Cuase of different ratios.

is there any solution for this issue many thanks.

It’s not PHP issue, it’s CSS

Does anyone have any clue what the reviewer wants us to do here?

We got the same “issue”.