WordPress News Theme soft rejected with no clear explanation


We need your help in order to understand why our latest theme got soft rejected and some ways to improve it, because the reviewer message is just extremely general.

Reviewer message:

  1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated, bland or copied themes will be hard rejected. You are simply reserving the queue with your submission and creating a review delays. This applies to conversions as well!

Major improvements are required!

Here are some resources for you:

Theme demo:

What is wrong with it? :thinking:



I hate to say this, but I like your theme and I would almost use it out of the box. I think it’s sharp and cleanly designed, I love it.

So unfortunately, Iam not able to give you feedback on what you should change. Maybe some more standard alignment ( for the title of the single post for instance) but I think you deliberately chose this design style.

Sometimes, Iam starting to think that having so many rules and standard at Envato may endanger the authors creativity.

Hope that someone else will give you appropriate feedback. Thanks

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If you choose to do minimal design then you have to focus more on typography I think it needs more work. Your typography needs more work with Contrast, Font size, Letter Spacing, Line height
Shadows doesn’t really work in heavy news websites which is your case and your home page feels hard to scan, I will advise you to make the homepage more elegant with less noise and less elements, Remove some of your elements and put them in an alternative other home page.

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@cssninjaStudio @BeSquares I appreciate your honest opinions! I will tweak the theme a little (or more) and I’ll send it again. Thank you.

work hard on paddings margins and change menu item font family, check all inner pages.

Hey! If I’d rate this, header would get 0/10. Everything else is just fine, but one more thing troubles me, it’s more likely a blog not a news theme ( news theme: https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609 ) Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:


I think this is good theme and I like it! Try to change menu to classic style