Soft Rejection Causes



Hi there,

I’m trying to sell my first theme to themeforest (envato). My theme is now soft rejected and I got 2 points which should be done before the theme goes online. I am from germany and I don’t get exactly what I have to do now. Here are the Topics:

  1. Usability is pretty low:

  2. Aesthetics need work:

You can see my theme in action here:

I know what usability and aesthetics are, but I don’t know what to change now in my theme. I corrected it already 2 times but these topics still remain. Maybe someone of you can tell whats wrong.

Best regards


With all due respect I think you got very lucky to get away with just a soft rejection.

There are avoidable validation issues (only a small number of them)

The logo does not strike me as premium

The Posttypes and Blog pages are the same content

The video posts do not preview the video? Likewise with Audio posts?

Typography is ok but not mind blowing

The main content area is very narrow

The ‘Usability issues’ is probably referring to narrow content / pages, nice but heavy page loading, lack of content previews on various post types, lack of features or options etc.

The ‘Aesthetics’ is probably the typography in places, visual hierarchy etc.

The fall away transition is nice but it lacks much else unique I’m afraid


You have many problems.

Animation display is very annoying.
The logo is very bad and photos. Also in demo, content is not good.
In my opinion typography it’s not ok . It has the same height everywhere.
Do you have trouble at details. Example : arrows from slider . But there are many more.