Soft rejection Again

  1. Use the correct escaping function for the context where it’s rendered. Example, attributes should use esc_attr(), esc_attr__() or esc_attr_e()

  2. Please ensure your .POT translation file is up to date. Having an outdated .POT file limits the translatable functionality of your theme, which will negatively affect international customers.

  3. All theme text strings are to be translatable and properly escaped.

Any help is appreciated

Kindest Regards

You have to do thos things to get it approved.

As for 9 this is stupid, I am with a soft reject as well and the reviewer told me not to use esc_attr:

Please ensure that all theme data is validated, sanitized and escaped: esc_url() allows for relative links, and esc_url() must be used for href, src, and such. This is allowed by esc_attr(): javascript:doBadThings(), but not allowed by esc_url(). So with esc_attr(), you’re protected against data “breaking out” of the attribute, but not protected from that attribute having executable code within it.