New reviewer guy give us a conflict report with previous reviewer report. Please advice!

Today we got soft reject again for our theme. But the new reviewer guy request us revert the bug fix from previous reviewer request. Here the contex:

At the previous reject, he request us to use esc_attr() instead esc_html_e()

  1. Use the correct escaping function for the context where it’s rendered. Example, this should use esc_attr():

And now, new reviewer guy give us new request on this:

  1. Issue still remains: Use the correct escaping function for the context where it’s rendered.
    You should use esc_html_e() instead of eco esc_attr() if you intend to escape your translation in situations as these

We dont really understand their mind and how their work
Please advice!


Thanks @themehot

I have received your email and will reply from there.

Use esc_attr if you’re getting a dynamic content from database:

$intro_short =ot_get_option( 'evoo_ki__default_short_text', '' );
echo esc_attr($intro_short);

If it’s just a text, use esc_html

echo esc_html( 'The content you are looking for is not here.', 'evoo' );

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hi ki-themes,
thanks a lot your advice, we know this, but if we dont follow the reviewer request. They will say me the issue till there, you dont make change… and stop our resubmit maybe :slight_smile:

You should contact Envato support, I think

thanks for your feedback, we need to clear about this case asap to continue my work…

yes sure

In second screenshot you are using esc_attr with textdomain, that’s wrong, you should use esc_attr__ in that case, so reviewer is right about it.
Learn about escaping rules and you won’t have problems like that :wink:

hi, thank for your message, we know it and we can use esc_attr_e() for this… The problem there is the first reviewer told us don’t use esc_html_e() then the second reviewer say me use esc_html_e() for this case …so what do you think