Reviewer got the same error after made several changes

Hey Guys,

I am facing a problem with my new theme. Kindly help me.

The reviewer got the same error again and again, but we couldn’t get the error on our end. We have mentioned this to the reviewer but he saw the same issue, lastly, he warns us for hard reject.


  2. Plugin install still doesn’t work:
  4. WooCommerce needs improving:
  5. STILL. Don’t add extensions to handles:
  6. STILL. Use the correct escaping function for the context where it’s rendered. Example, attributes should use esc_attr(), esc_attr__() or esc_attr_e(): Any screenshots provided are simply examples. There may be more issues that are similar. Ensure you check all files and fix all instances of each issue before resubmitting.

Our changes____________________

Who is your reviewer ? :slight_smile:


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I have same problem like you.