Another soft reject :(

Again I need help :(, any help is much appreciated.

  1. Google Fonts are considered custom, therefore must be prefixed:

  2. Don’t hardcode the text transformation, use an external stylesheet for that:

  3. Please ensure that all theme data is validated, sanitized and escaped: esc_url() allows for relative links, and esc_url() must be used for href, src, and such. This is allowed by esc_attr(): javascript:doBadThings(), but not allowed by esc_url(). So with esc_attr(), you’re protected against data “breaking out” of the attribute, but not protected from that attribute having executable code within it.

  4. Remove this please:

  5. Site title must be there by default:

  6. Overall design usability still needs additional improvements, make it easier and simpler: , is he referring to the eintre or just the page from the printscreen ?

  7. Off-canvas is still pretty plain and incomplete: