Soft rejected many time, awkward comments???

Hello everyone, I would like to ask experts here about our current submitting WordPress theme item.
The demo link could found here:
There were some first soft-rejections due to the code or even complaint about design (The design has been approved such long time ago
That’s fine, we still try to submit it again and again… But there were few things:

  • We using the exactly same codes/structures to submit other items to another account (My old company account) - And this account for my own work, everything goes well after 4-5 soft-rejected. Unlike my company account, this account has been cursed by Evato Reviewer Team, there were total of 16 submissions already - took about more than 3 months working but still they cannot accept the item.
    I’m wonder how come Evato treated new/old account very different? I did keep very calm and submit again and again and again until the plugins outdated and yes, submit again. Until their last recent comments, look like they have nothing else to complain about our work:


This is because they did not UNZIP the Main zipped folder which included plugins, help files, child-theme, main theme…

Ok, then what else?



This make him not feeling good, that’s alright, another submission




Ok fine, I disabled the lazy load mode and submit again…


Well… I’m gonna give up this, The zipped plugins already included in the Plugins folder, The user can also downlaod and install via our host. And we dont want to use TGM PA, our other items also choose to install this way and nobody complain about this.


What should I do to finish this item? Our designer almost out of his patience while partner with us. Why each submission has very different comments, why dont the evato spend longer time to list down all your problems instead of few comments each week, this is a big wasting of time and effort. I remember well each soft-rejected email note:

P.S. The team have invested considerable time in reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If we feel that you have not invested enough time in making the required changes before re-submitting, this may be considered misuse of the review process. Where continued misuse of the review process is identified, your submission rights may be restricted or suspended.

Thank you Envato for your considerable time but seems you misuse of our work. Where continued misuse of our work process is identified, we might submitting item again. :slight_smile:

Good luck for your soft rejected wordpress but your patience wait other author explain you but i never works for wordpress :slight_smile: regards.

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####Here are some points I want to let you know regarding the quality team(reviewers):

  1. As I see you are a bit angry :slight_smile: but don’t worry this is normal. In my personal opinion if you don’t follow the entire list of points from a soft rejection(By not fixing the problems/errors) as the reviewer tell you, your right to re-submit your item(or submit a new one) can be disabled. So pay attention to all points and carefully check your item.

  2. There is a page (Review Turnaround For ThemeForest) where you can see in real time what is the current review turnaround for items (WordPress, html etc). So the affirmation “Honestly it’s take too long for your responsive” doesn’t make any sense.

  3. As you saw in the rejection mail, your item was double-zipped which caused error while installing the theme. The solution is to simply archive the folder of the theme. Feeling angry is not a solution…trust me :slight_smile: .

  4. Regarding lazy loaded images, as you can see on the screenshot, the products are visible on page but the images are missing. When the images will be shown? After reaching the next section from the page? In my opinion, you should optimize your code to show the images on reaching the products section, not after reaching the section after, Hope this makes sense for you :slight_smile:

  5. If you don’t want to use TGMPA, (i really wonder why :smile: ), you should let the reviewer know about this; But I strongly suggest you to add TGMPA in your theme because this is the right way(why not installing/set up the theme + plugins easier?).

  6. Last but not least, an item can get 5/10/15 or any number of soft rejections. Please keep in mind that standards are changing everyday. So if an item was accepted after 4-5 rejections few months ago, not it can get hard rejected or many other rejections.

P.S It’s Envato not Evato :slight_smile:

In the end: You should always check your item (as I said before), and also the feedback received from Quality Team (reviewers).

Good Luck with your item! :sunny:



Strongly agree with @ThemeSLR

It can turn out to be very confusing and frustrating to get rejected. But in my opinion is the best that can happen. Since that moment will be when it truly begins to improve.

Showing himself angry would not solve anything. Otherwise you will waste time.

Good luck with your presentation.


@ThemeSLR, thank you for your response to my topic. Yes i’m very clearly got what you meant, ofcourse. :slight_smile:

  • If I did not follow the entire list of points from a soft-rejection then I couldn’t make it until 16 submissions,
    So i believe that I got my patience.
  • For your number 1 & 2, thank you, i got it.
  • Your number 3:That was my 7th submission, I just mentioned it here. You know what? All my submissions has the same file structure but how funny I got this comment that why i’m showing it here
  • Number 4: Thank you, everything works as expected from the begin until now.
  • Number 5: However i’m stucking with the last comment about TGMPA stuffs. I really dont want it included in my theme ( because this is not a must for everyone ). I just want to submit the item again without problem about TGMPA again, that why I’m asking the experts here.
  • Number 6. I’m so sorry but I did finished to upload some other items even after Linda, not few months ago as your guess. You can check it here: That’s my company account, I really don’t want to mention my company included in my personal problem, but most of the recent items from my company has exactly the same codes as long as those items has been developed by same coder. I’m sorry and please don’t think I’m stubborn. I got your standards are changing everyday, that’s make sense in some cases. I just want to discuss about the different treating with old and new account. That’s really hurts. If you are the same coder, trying to upload items in to different account then you might got that feeling. Right now I have no idea what changes needed to resubmit the item, after this latest comment:

I swear that i never seen such comment like this before, from the very begin I work with the ThemeForest, this made me stuck after so many attempt. I’m not kindof easy to angry, I just wonder: What I’m gonna do now? Why they did this to this new account? I knew it, cause I work for both newbie and elite account, I know how the reviewer team treat me, well or not.

PS: Thank you for your correction and your comments, but somehow it’s not what i’m looking for. :frowning:

Just put .zip of your plugins in a folder inside theme, (call it “required-plugins” or whatever), and use TGMPA to show users a message that you recommend this plugins. No reason not to do this. Like really, no reason. TGMPA is just a small file that you also will include to your theme, and it will not affect any other functionalities at all.