[Soft Rejected] Adventures – Adventures and Tour PSD Template


Hello Everyone,

After getting soft rejection I have renewed my design according to the email and before uploading I want some help because I have tried my best for this design and I will be thankful to you if you will help me regarding this design. Here is the feedback of the reviewer:

Unfortunately your submission Adventures – Adventures and Tour PSD Template isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

This is definitely an improvement, however since the PSD category has the highest design requirements, it needs a little more attention to detail before it can be approved. Focus on improving the minor details as well as the page flow. Some of the text feels like it would be better with a little more breathing room and slightly smaller. Make sure your typography and spacing is consistent throughout the design.

Here are New screenshots:

I will be thankfull to you if you help me regarding all pages and also let me know the main changes. I know you have not much time but it will be good for new author to understand the changes and requirements.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day.


hi for me this is most importantly a matter of unity rather than any other thing … if all screen captures are about the same website, this is a bit confusing and we may have trouble to find what’s the link between pages indeed … when u are supposed to have a global homogeneity all the same



Thanks for the reply… Can you please let me know what I need to do right now. Do I need to delete some pages or what kind of changes I need to do.



no u just need to make sure that all pages have sort of a likelihood in the way they are built , that some graphic elements and so on make people understand that they are still in the same website …