Soft reject & Waiting 2 days

Hello guys.
My second theme was soft rejected. I fixed issues and resubmitted it 2 says ago.
But I haven’t get answer. Also in these 2 days only 1 theme released in the Themeforest,
so I think that they have enough time to review theme. What should I do ? Delete and resubmit again ?
@madeirense71 (main reviewer) , @pasqualevitiello (second reviewer).


If you have fixed all issues focused by the reviewer then you should to wait and your item will get reviewed as quickly they can. May be reviewer are checking overall full coding of your theme.

Codes were tested and all issues fixed in previous resubmission . IN the latest rejection ,there was 3 small issues.
I fixed and resubmitted. And waiting answer for 2 days. I want to get approved in this week , but don’t know what they do instead of reviewing themes.

Thank you.

I would like to highly recommend please keep patience. hope you will get review result soon.

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Approved :slight_smile:

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