what happened reviewer?

Hi to all:

Reviewer not see my file if approvech my sell, I already resubmit my design ‘soft rejected’ my psd on themeforest I wait more 8 hours not come my email :frowning:


Sorry for my message because I’m worry.


please help meeeeeee URGENT

My PSD has been approved after 12+ hours from Re-Submission!!
Hope, You will get a good result!

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Many thanks :slight_smile: I understand

nothing help me, I wait more 1 day not come my email if approvech :frowning:


nothing help meeeeeeeeeeee

If you write one more time nothing help meeeee it will get approved.

31% : 100% = 24h : x
x = (24h * 100%) / 31%
x = 77h
x = 77h / 24h
x = 3 days

It will be reviewed in 2 days from now.


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A question do I can remove my update design and update again? because yestersday problem processing update themeforest, please help me thanks :slight_smile:

Yes but maybe problem processing my update botton yestersday, I think that remove my update and again submit.

I’m serious now. Don’t remove your update. And don’t panic, there is no reason. It is normal to wait few days for soft rejected item. I would panic only in case if there would be 99% for 7 days without change.

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Thanks :slight_smile: than don’t remove it regards.