Wrong theme version reviewed after resubmission


I have uploaded my WordPress theme. The theme got first soft reject on 29th June. I solved all those issues & submitted theme on the same day. I got another soft reject with few other points on it.

Now after another 3 days of waiting, the first reviewer reviewed my theme again. But he has mentioned some of the old points again which I had already solved. I guess wrong theme version has been reviewed by him.

Now I have updated this on ‘Edit’ page. But do I have to wait for another 3 days again? What can I do to get theme reviewed again without waiting?

Nothing. You sadly have to wait.

Bes of luck!

It’s quite often issue. Here’s my solution:

Update the theme version on the style.css ( > ) and add a note something like:
Please, check the theme version. if you’re not viewing the latest version ( 1.0.0.latest ) , means there’s a cache issue so you may need to make sure you got the updated version.

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