soft-reject, need your suggestion

this is my last theme that is reject

this is reveiwer message:

  1. Design elements are not consistent, theme uses more than one.
  2. Design is not aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Usability is pretty poor.
  4. Theme seems unfinished too.

what is your suggestion


No any idea

hi, well as for me , i have to agree with almost all what was said indeed, unfortunately, especially when it comes to issues about readability which is sometimes very hard to say the least … u need to make sure u use better color pairings so that texts are being more popping out and that users can read them. I also tend to believe that u have been hurting your work by displaying some pictures which are very far away from being looking good enough , they look pixelled (or badly exported) and the think has a big negative impact on the work u’ve uploaded , for sure … .

i also tend to believe that u have some good items but that all sections and so on are just following each other with we manage to find a link between them , and it hurts the homogeneity of your work

maybe theres’ also something a bit too “vertical” in your item, and we feel like there’s only one thing to do, that is to say scrolling down


Thank you :grinning:

:wink: you are welcome buddy