Soft Reject. Need help please

Hello Experts

My HTML template was soft rejected recently.The issue was I was getting ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT console error.When I try to load google maps I was getting this console error.I know this was caused by adblocker extension.But I didn’t find how to fix this.Do we even have to fix this because this was caused by adblocker extension.?
I checked on other HTML templates too they all have this issue but they all are accepted.

Please help me on this one.Thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,

Maybe you can provide us with a snippet of the code. Most of the times adblock is blocking on class names and keywords. Class names with the words “ad”, “ads”, “advertisment”, “commercial” are being blocked.

When that does not work, maybe you can load google maps in another way.

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Hello S_Visser
Thank you for your quick response.
First I was using Google Maps JavaScript API.There was this console error.Then I thought maybe this was due to the way google map API is initialised. Then I simply tried embedding google map using iframe.

But there was this error again.No idea how to fix this