Soft Reject due to Opera ad blocker? Need Help



Hello Authors,
I have got my soft reject due to Opera ad blocker. when opera ad blocker is turned on it does not shows images and some how CSS. and when we turn it off, template works fine.
its just on opera, in all other browsers it looks fine.

have any one faced this type of issue?
its Classified template.
here is screenshot that reviewer sent.

Thanks in Advance.


Try to change elements class names and images file names. I think ad-blockers will block elements by class or id names.


try to remove and prefix like ads, ads, adv…that are filtered to be blocked by some Adblock addon. Open the addon to see more relevant keywords & try to avoid using those in the code or banner image names.


@swlabs @Codevz Thank you guys for your help.
I have found the solution after spending 3 hours. i just changed the word “ad” from url and now its working fine.
i haven’t any class named “ad” in template.
thank you for your feedback. its really appreciated.