My website theme template is rejected.

I want to know why my template is rejected. help me.
These is demo url:

I saw the first error - menu in the top. List elements has white color, if i click on list element which has children, li has white color too. If i saw on white letters on white background i cant see anything.

The second moment, when i scroll down to the headline “Welcome To Yoga & Meditation” and if i hover on image, hover effect works, and if not, itdont works. Maybe need to create hover effect on image, when i hover on this block.

You need to delete “Enjoy With Us Yoga & Meditation” block on pages, if they not main page, because if i choose some list elements in menu, always appear on a new page this block and i cant understand is new page load or not.

Also headline Welcome To Yoga & Meditation has no margin to letters under this headline. But maybe this is normal. Thats just my opinion :slight_smile: