My html is soft rejected I not understand :(

Hi to all:

@charlie4282, @LucaThemesCom, @Aspirity

Please help me, message soft rejected:

‘Please work on your main image’

demo email soft rejected:

demo url:

I hope your help me thanks. :slight_smile:

please help meeeeeeeee, it’s urgent I need resubmit my template thanks.

Not sure about reviewer comment, but I see your image-text section has bug, all text fall below image, it does not stand side by side with images

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Eye you, I not speak 100% english but you can screenshots give me please :slight_smile: thanks.

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what chorme, firefox, safari, etc?
it’s responsive?

I’m using Macbook Air, Safari in normal desktop size

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Many thanks I will fix and resubmit again thanks :slight_smile: for you help me regards.