HTML Template soft rejected

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for reading my post. I got a soft reject on my HTML5 template. There need some improvements. One of the improvements is not clear to me but attached is a screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot . Please help me what those arrows indicated, actually.

Faruk Ahmed

I think that you need a design more quality header and banner.

Also for example your header and footer color is gray change to white and use opacity 60% to 75% for see better.

Hi JeriTeam,
Thanks for your quick reply.

In my template, I made some Page Masthead options and this attachment is one of them in fullscreen style. One thing I understand this Services page needs more improvements. And I don’t understand what those arrows indicates!

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Yes because reviewer help you for better more quality your design, you can see improvements other design for give some idea but you don’t copy it.

More quality design, below image for example titles, colors, etc as more professional.



This image not is mine, I download image for other design in themeforest.

Your design like too basic, below image

Thank you so much for your help.

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You are welcome, regards.

Another question, please.

I not can help you because long time not sell in themeforest because I already have a job my country. Sorry so much, you can wait other author will to help you,


This arrows means you are using different opacity in menu and in the text of header, try to use same opacity for both

Thank you, Sir. Thanks for your reply to my post.

Actually, I made several options for page masthead and this is one of them with a fullscreen layout and background feature image.