Need Urgent Support to Resolve Soft Rejection Issue

I have uploaded my first HTML, and got soft rejection. Reviewer sent me two points

problem remains:

but i checked on all browsers, and different devices. I didnt found any issue. please help me how can i found this issue that reviewer sent me.

In the screenshot the image is not loading that is if you have one as background if not change the background color or text color.

You should load your files without the http/https like so src="//
Also I see you use the google map without and api key which is a requirement already to use.

TypeError $.slider is not a function - it should be fixed if the files will load properly also it’s better to check if the plugin exists:

if( $.fn.slider ) { // your code }

I really appreciate your kind support, and i tried to get these errors and background image issue i didnt get success.

I created these videos and sent to reviewers also.

i tried without http:// and https:// but find nothing

Best Regards,


You can read more about this error here. How do you open your html template on a live server or localhost/static? Also you can ask the reviewer to give your more information on how he opens your pages, what browser etc.

Really thanks to your guidance. I will do as you said.



Oh i got the issue. when i try my url with https:// i got same result that reviewer sent me. how can i resolve this issue?

CDN link of Jquery-ui was the problem, local library resolved issue. thanks @hawk95

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